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Our Expert Chefs List the Core Credentials for Buying Fresh Seafood

  • Octonber 09, 2019

At Juicy Seafood, we leave no stone unturned to bring our customers the freshest produce of the ocean. Keeping up with that, our management team has come up with a set of conscientious details which are crucial for purchasing the freshest fish. Sticking to our robust food policy, our team picks fish and other seafood products by maintaining the following guidelines.

  • Fish should smell fresh and not intense. No ammonia-like or fishy stench should be encouraged. A customer should not be made to mull twice to order fresh seafood in Nashville. It is solely our responsibility.
  • The eyes of the fish should be pellucid and preferably shiny.
  • The flesh should be firm and taut. Gills should be red and sufficiently odorless. To test it, we press the flesh to see if it springs back.
  • Fillets should not harbor shades of discoloration and drying.
  • Shrimp flesh and lobster flesh should have a clear color and be odorless.
  • Temperature indicators, if any, should be thoroughly checked.

  • At our establishment, we make sure the above guidelines are followed to a T. As a venture committed to all-round customer satisfaction, we leave no room for compromise whatsoever.

    The Procedure of Shellfish Selection

    While selecting shellfish, our team follows a similar set of evaluation. These are the guidelines we make sure we stick to.

  • We begin with dissecting the information on the label. It contains specific information about the product and the processor’s certification number.
  • No cracked or broken shells or clams are admitted to the kitchens of Juicy Seafood.
  • Whether it is live clams, oysters or mussels, a tap on the shells should result in a closure. If not, those are not admitted into our kitchens.
  • We select only live shellfish and crabs. Therefore, we make sure to note their leg movements.

  • For those who wish to order seafood online in Nashville, it might be difficult to knock on the right doors. However, with such conscientious regulations in place, our establishment continues to be the bastion of public health. Customers may conveniently place orders at our outlet.

    Apart from its intrinsic value, seafood is also rich in terms of cultural significance. Food tastes deeper against the backdrop of historical perspective. Besides, with increasing competition among restaurant chains, quality often gets ignored at the expense of customers. However, thanks to a few vigilant chains such as ours, responsible consumer service is still not fiction.