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Is a Plate of Blue Crabs an Expression of Defiance against Climate Change?

  • January 24, 2020

juicy seafood near meAt Juicy Seafood Nashville, a steaming plate of seasonal blue crabs continues to attract hordes from far and wide. Indeed, if you look up juicy seafood near me, besides traditional seafood items, you will come across at least one succulent shot of a dripping blue crab. At the same time, one cannot keep from pondering the contours of climate change. Are the experts missing something?

Blue crabs thrive in warmer temperatures

According to recent studies, winters across the world are expected to shorten by around fifty per cent by the year 2100. However, with ever-warming winters, the survival rate of blue crabs is expected to grow by around twenty per cent. Clearly, blue crabs are the least vulnerable.

Blue crabs are cold-blooded and therefore their metabolism is linked to warmer temperatures.

Juicy Seafood’s responsible business mantra

Today, the commercial world has been lapping up blue crabs nearly feverously. However, at Juicy Seafood Nashville, ethical commerce continues to be our mantra. Our experts comprehend the significance of sustainable farming, keeping in mind the stakes involved. Therefore, in spite of the all-year availability of blue crabs, our restaurant offers only the seasonal variants.

Our plate of blue-crab comes with corn and potato. Our cherished customers need not worry if they are unwittingly adding to the climate crisis. With us, you may gorge on the tastiest seafood platter in Nashville without a qualm.

Our experts stress the pluses of seasonal produce

Perhaps one of the defining reasons why our blue crabs continue to invite customers is that seasonal produce is exceedingly delicious. Moreover, our experts maintain that consuming seasonal produce ushers loads of nutrients into the body. And as a venture committed to all-round customer convenience, we keep your comfort and nutrition at the forefront of our business.

Drive to Juicy’s to feast on blue crabs and more

If you are still wondering whether you should feast on a handsome seafood platter, do so no more. At Juicy Seafood Nashville, our expert team of the finest chefs in town has been tossing tongue-tickling blue crabs, shrimps, mussels and lobsters.

More importantly, our safe consumption-policy applies to all that we sell. Therefore, against the backdrop of a rising debate on the viability of consuming seafood, our customers need not bat an eye while slurping an eclectic spread of the choicest (and the safest) seafood items.